Monday, October 29, 2012

The Most Memorable of Weekends!

I'm mourning this Monday morning because I'm so desperately morning that the weekend is over.  Fun, fun, fun from Friday afternoon all the way to Sunday night.  This fun involved, but was not limited to, sleeping in and waking up to delightful breakfasts ever morning, yogurt dates with friends, a gorgeous wedding, family naps with lots of giggling and baby talk, a stay-cation at Wren's parents consisting of movies on the big screen, sitting by the fire, and family baths, yes you heard right, family baths, an adventure to City Creek for lunch with Willow, Sky, and Rache, and the funnest family dinner in awhile (pictures to come later this week, we took in everyone!)
I've been going to bed at night with the most thankful of thoughts for my precious little family and for how incredibly happy they make me.  I can't imagine being any happier.  I have my beautiful, sweet husband and baby that could not be any more beautiful and sweet.  
Love spending time with just the three of us.
Now Monday, be good to us please?