Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Two Cousins Thang...

There once were two twins (there still are thank goodness).
Who are my mom and her mom...
(We decided to try and be twins too)
Who planned to have all of their little tiny babies together.
And so the list goes:
Adam and I (I clearly got the coolest cousin)
Emmy and Rache
(They're going to kill me for this pic, sorry girls, only one I could find of you two together on FB)
 Al and Ty
  Kate and Hay
 And Heidi popped out a couple extras too who are,
 And Cam
Who played with Ty and Al, and Kate and Hay.
They're the blondies, we're the darkies. 
We always had a built in friend for all of the family parties.  And we are all shockingly close to the cousin our age.  We all went to the same high school, hung out with the same friends, and it's just been awesome.  They are more like siblings than cousins.  
Adam and I had sleep overs till the ripe old age of 22 if you can believe it.  He'd keep me up till 3:00am telling scary stories until I didn't dare to go to sleep.  
How I love him so.
There we are almost TWENTY SEVEN years ago.
  And now the whole point to the post.
Adam just had his baby last week, three months after I had mine.  And the even crazier thing is I had my baby almost to the day of Adam's birthday and he had his baby almost to the the day of my birthday.
So introducing to you the second generation of cousins...
We're just keepin the tradition thing alive (right down to the blondies and darkies, but oh wait, theirs is dark and ours is light... mhhh)
Anyway, thank you mom and Heidi for having a little forethought in having all of us together.
And you're welcome Radcliff and Lincoln for your parents having a little forethought.
You'll love each other as much as we did!
P.S. Scroll back to the first picture now... who's moms were this big of babes ever?  Seriously.  
They still are too (thank goodness for bio-identicals right?  I had to say it guys, too funny!)