Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Space Cadet + Link Up

Hat: H&M
Outfit: Calvin Klein

Scarf: Nordstrom
Jacket: Nordstrom (gift)
Square Hoops: Paisley Poppy (goes good with my square face ;))
Purse: Made by my mom!

Do you guys want to know how cool I am?  Okay, here we go.  The other day I decided to try out a little toy on Radcliff's car seat in hopes of cheap entertainment for him in the car.  Well as I loaded him and the toy into the car seat I set my phone, along with my keys, onto the floor next to me.  I then went out to the car, and as I was crouching inside the car to click his car seat into the middle seat, without smacking my head or tipping him over (the most exquisite of stretches if I do say so myself), I realized the toy was slapping him in the face, and he was asleep and I really didn't want it to wake him up.  So being the multitasking girl that I am, I slid the toy off as I clicked him securely into place.  I rushed to the front seat to crack the back windows and turn on some music so he wouldn't wake up.  I went to find my phone and couldn't find it anywhere.  I remembered setting on the floor as I buckled Rad Man in, so I ran back in the house and looked on the floor where I had set it.  Of course not there.  So I ran back to the car, searched through my entire purse and diaper bag (that's always such a joy too right?) and no where to be found.  Finally I said, screw it, and just left.  Well I got home later that night and told Wren about it.  He's amazing at finding my lost items, so he started with a debriefing  asking me every detail of my day.  He finally said, "I know where your phone is.  I guarantee (most annoying word ever to spell BTW) it's two streets down where the street bends.  I bet you set in on top of the car and it flew off when you turned."  I was like, "Okay it's a long shot but let's go look."  We walk down there, and you can bet you bottom dollar he's exactly right.  It's sitting on a rock two streets down where the street bends.  Someone was nice enough to set it on a rock, and someone else was nice enough to run over it before it was set on the rock.  Sad day.
Take home point number one:  Why does being a mom make you the most spacey forgetful person ever?  Duh, why didn't I think, "Mhhh, you probably set it on top of the car when you took the dumb toy off the car seat..."  Hindsight's always 20/20 though right?
Take home point number two:  If you lose something call Wren.  Actually, email him at his old email address, swampthang88@yahoo.com  
Oh and Radcliff and I thought it appropriate to bust out the fur this past weekend.
And no, no, we aren't celebrities.  That's what I had to keep telling the millions of paparazzi storming us that night.  ;)
One more thing, this story touched me so much that I purchased four of these bracelets to help this sweet baby boy.  I cannot even imagine...  Please read about it!  :)
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