Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bush 1, 2... GONE

Look at those lean, mean, workin machines...
As soon as the house came together, we figured the yard needed some TLC too.  These Fitzer bushes were one of the first things I knew I wanted GONE when we bought the house.  In May, my awesome dad came over with his truck and chain saw to help Wren pull the right bush out (these things are way bigger than they appear, it's like pulling ten trees out!)  We filled up the entire truck bed and huge trailer with just the one bush to take to the dump.  What a nightmare.  We planted a couple trees in the area, laid bark, and lined it with rocks for the time being.  It definitely needed to be built up.  Wren tried his best to spruce up the other bush in the meantime (there ain't nothin that can make those bushes look good though, let's face it).   

A couple months later, they mustered up the energy to pull up the other beast.  That was not a pretty site either.  Wren busted a sprinkler line digging up the roots and the empty area was even bigger than the first area was.  We lived with it like that for a couple more months which was an absolute exquisite site!

Then last week my sweet dad brought us over a truck bed full of compost to build up both flower beds for when my mom comes next week to transplant all of her parrenial flowers, trees, and bushes.  Our yard is coming together and I can't even wait until next spring when they are in full bloom!  
Who'd a thought?    

Now... Wren might just tackle the outside this week and stucco.
Buying old houses is SO fun!
But really though, I think I'm sick because I do think it's like the funnest thing ever.  I'm addicted to before and afters and to be able to say, "We did that."  Which reminds me, we need to show you the rest of the before and after pictures of our house.  There's just little things I want to change/add before I show you...  Sorry it's taken months and month!