Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Tree Time 2012, Radcliff's First + Link Up!

Last Saturday, we went to Rick's Trees and picked out Radcliff's very first Christmas tree.  Even though he has no idea what a Christmas tree even is yet, somehow it made getting one so much more fun.  After we picked the perfect one, we came home, turned on Christmas music, made cookies, and decorated the tree.  Radcliff stared at all the lights in awe which made for a very magical night.
Here's a cute little video we made capturing this first experience for our baby...
Wren and I have talked about how we want to start fun Christmas traditions to do every year with our children.  Member his adorable little bucket list from last year?
I just went back to this post and flashbacks of morning sickness from being pregnant flashed before my eyes.  That scone and egg nog did not get enjoyed as they should have.  No they didn't as Mary Murphy would say, so I'd say it deserves a trip back.
What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?    
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