Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

I've been meaning to share this DIY wreath with you guys forever now.  Babies right?  Everything takes way longer now :)  This wreath really is the easiest thing ever to make.  All you need is one round wire wreath form, that I believe you can pick up from any craft store.  I bought mine at Hobby Lobby.  One package of coffee filters (I only used like an 1/8 of the package, so if you already have coffee filters, chances are you'll have enough!) and your glue gun.  Really all you do is crinkle each coffee filter at the base so it makes a cone/flower type shape.  Follow?  Glue the base (or the cone at the bottom) in between two of the wires on the wreathe.  Proceed all the way around the wreath.  You can get whatever size wire wreathe you want and glue the coffee filters however close or far away from each other as suits you (I glued mine very close together).  But then you knew that right?  Being the free U S of A that we live in...
Oh and I also glued a black ribbon to the top to hang on the nail in our door, but you wouldn't even have to do that.  You can just hang the wire on the nail too :)
Happy wreathing!