Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Boy

First off, thanks for all the sweet comments on Radcliff's chicken costume on yesterday's post (check it out if you didn't see it, it's hysterical!)  That kid was a champ to first, let me dress him in that, feathers were covering the entire room.  And second, to let me take his pictures in it as I was frantically trying to hold him up, adjust his feather hat, and talk like a total lunatic to get him to smile.
Bless his soul!
Halloween with babies is so much more fun I've decided.  Especially because we dressed him up in FOUR different costumes.  LOTS of pictures to come!
How was everyone else's Halloween?
And people...  How is it even possible that my baby is already three and a half months old?  It can't be true.  It seems like just yesterday Wren was announcing our exciting news in this post (that video still makes me cry!)  
Radcliff is the best thing to happen to Wren and I.  We could have never imagined the joy he would bring us.  We talk about it all the time and how lucky we are it's HIM.  Wren always darts in the door from work and says, "Where's my best friend???" as Radcliff frantically tries to find his voice.  There's not a duo I love more than the two of them together.  Truly.  
Moments I want to remember about this favorite stage of mine (they've all been my favorite  and from what I've heard, they'll all continue to be) forever are...
Radcliff waking up in the morning.  The best thing ever.  Seriously.  I look forward to it all night long.  I like to creep in slowly (I always laugh when I do because he's so hilarious sleeping), speak his name softly into his hear, and I kiss his fat little cheeks.  He'll slowly open his big eyes and give me the best smile ever.  As he does his biggest boy stretches, he'll arch his back, lift up his arms, pucker his lips sideways as his face turns bright red (stretching is hard work!), and sometimes let out some large toots.  He is such a cuddly little butter ball, and in the morning his cuddliness is heightened by about a million.  I'll pull him onto my lap and kiss his cheeks over and over again as he smiles and tries to laugh.  There's not a happier person than him in the morning and I have to fight back tears as I hold him because I just love him so much.  I wish I could bottle him up right now, every piece of him, to open for a day when he is older.  
Anyway, sorry for the cheese.  I'll quit writing now.
Anyone else love morning time with their kiddos as much as this mommy does?
PS Even cute squishy babies take a bad pic every once in awhile (i.e. first photo) we won't show him.  He'll KILL me ;)