Monday, November 5, 2012

Some Halloween Extravaganzas!

There once was a Halloween where two young parents were overly excited to dress their baby up for all the different festivities...
FOUR costumes to be exact.

First on our list was Mr. Strawberry man.  Wren's parents threw the funnest Halloween bash the night before Halloween at their house.  It consisted of Cafe Rio salads, carving pumpkins, frosting cookies, toastin mallows, and even a little Thriller dance by Wren's cute mom!
 Most delectable strawberry you've ever seen?  I think yes.

Next on our list was a traumatic experience for Wren, and according to him, Radcliff too (only Radcliff appeared to be loving it in my opinion).  On Halloween day, I surprised Wren by dressing Radcliff up as the prettiest little girl anyone's ever seen for Wren's work party.  I showed up, and one of Wren's coworkers was like, "Is that your wife holding a little girl?"  Horrified, Wren nodded his head.  Everyone commented on what a cute little girl he was, and finally when we were sick of explaining that he was indeed a boy, we just started saying, "Thanks."  Wren said that was a low point for him letting people assume his son was a girl.
After, me, Wren, and his daughter hit up Porcupine Grill for Mark's birthday lunch.  
What a cool birthday huh?
Jamison and his girlfriend ;)
 Oh man, it never gets old...

Right as we got home, Wren walked in and claimed Radcliff's manhood back by dressing him up as a baseball player.  
We went on a nice long walk in the perfect weather.
We saw only the coolest treats for Halloween ever... This snow cone shack!  
They gave us one and I was on cloud nine.
 When we got home, we headed out for dinner with my cute parents at Five Guys.  That place should be illegal it's so good.  Radcliff thinks so too.  I let him suck on his first french fry.  No one has ever been happier.
 Here's a couple extra pictures of our little strawberry at my friend's Halloween party a couple weeks ago as well.  Too cute not to share. 
And then Rad's fourth costume was obviously the chicken from this post last week.
He was such a trooper letting us go all out on him.
Love our little chicken, girl, baseball player, and strawberry :)