Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Orange+Black=White? + Giveaway + Link Up!

Shirt: Gap
Skirt: Urban Wear (favorite new store, it's in Fashion Place if you live in Salt Lake)
Shoes: TJ Max

That Baby Man Child:
Pants: H&M (thanks to my cute friend Whit!)
Vest: Babinski's Baby
Lip In Last Picture: Gifted from Elvis ;)  Thank you very much, hip thrust, hip thrust

Before I rant, I want to send a big thank you to Cheerfully Charmed for sending me this adorable necklace to review.  They have so many cute things on their site, and all of them would make excellent Christmas presents.  Use coupon code HAPPY at checkout to receive 50%, YES you heard right 50%, off any item in their shop.  Boo ya baby :)  

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Giveaway ends next Tuesday at midnight!  Good luck!

Okay now, this post was written last week.  Warning, it's LONG and COMPLEX...

Wren had man's night tonight.  Radcliff and I took a hot bath, slathered ourselves in lotion, put him night-night, and now I'm sitting in bed watching the documentary, Happy, while drinking a cream soda as I type this.  Apparently, my ADD doesn't allow me to just do one thing   But let's note, this is also the first time since little Radman was born that I have had a night by myself to relax and do whatever the hay I want.  I've decided alone time is good.  I always like being alone, but don't like anticipating being alone.  Anyone else have this trait?  But for the record, I am thoroughly enjoying myself.
I've had some things on my mind lately.  Lots of things.  When you're home alone with a baby all day long, interesting thoughts go through your head.  Am I right or am I right?
I have honestly considered killing the dog down the street.  It loves to bark it's annoying head off right after I put Radcliff to bed, signaling to the rest of the dogs in the neighborhood to bark back at him.  It turns into this big barking party out there and is just the most exquisite of annoyances   It's madness   I am close to writing a note to the owner that says, "Shut your dog up, or I will."  Wow, I know.  I'm cruel, but so is that barking and my angst that it's going to wake up fat Radcliff.  Don't report me k?
I met my friend for lunch and shopping today.  Lunch went great, and then when it came time to shop, Radman was just not having the stroller.  It turned into me holding my twenty pound baby for two hours as Sara pushed my stroller.  When mothers say, "Man, I just didn't realize how easy it was going places having just one baby until I had two", I cringe.  I can't fathom it getting any trickier...  Oh but I can.  I saw a young mom there today with what appeared to be one and three year old little girls.  They were both blood curdling screaming as she pushed them in their double stroller.  She looked like she wanted to blow up the whole mall.  I honestly wanted to go to bed after witnessing it.  Mhhh, I've decided when I have two, shopping is out of the question, period.
With that being said I am obsessed with every inch of my three and a half month old though.  I want to bite his cheeks off, put his feet in my mouth, kiss him on the lips.  It's like I can't get enough of him.  Anyone else have these strange urges with their baby?
People that ride too closely to cars should have their licenses revoked.  This includes you too dad and Rache ;)  You really think you're going to get somewhere that much quicker by riding me?  You're not.  I promise I will be forced to buy the baby on board sticker if it doesn't stop.  And I know, I know, I'm glad you saw the sticker because without it you were going to slam into me.  Well stop riding me then k?  Cause it will force you to slam into me.
Speaking of drivers licenses, mine was expired for almost a year before I realized it was.  I had to take the test.  I then remembered why I'll never go on to get a Master's.  Tests suck.  And on another note, why does it always seem like it's time to renew my vehicle?  And isn't is supposed to be every odd year to get my inspection and emissions done?  Well I swear it's ever year for both cars.  
I have never understood people craving soda.  Until I had Radcliff.  Now it's all I ever want.  I buy the natural Zevia ones, which somehow seems better to me, and pour cream in to it to make it a real life cream soda.  It's all I can think about really.  And people, I can so relate now.
Why is working out so hard?
Harmon's pistachio gelato is so good it's sick.    
I want to start singing again.  Playing the piano again.  Playing the guitar again.
Especially when I hear music like this...      
Obsessed.  Especially with the last song.
I didn't expect a single one of ya to make it to the end.  But GREAT WORK if you did! :)
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