Tuesday, December 4, 2012

FUN DADS + Link Up!

Clearly I have one of the coolest dads out there.  
(Hey nose)
When we were little, every Saturday, and really most week nights, he would take us on what we liked to call The Rounds.  He'd hoist us in the back of his Defender (still love that car) and take us to movies, ice skating, pet stores, shopping, eating out... you name it, we did it.  He was SUCH a fun dad who always made us his very first priority.  We have the funnest memories with him because he was always around.
It brings joy to my heart knowing that Wren is going to be the same type of daddy to Radcliff.  He gets home every day around 4:30 and devotes the rest of the day to his baby.  
He loves taking Radcliff to do things and getting him out, even at the young age he is.  
While I was working last week, he sent me this picture...
...with the caption, "Yeah those are socks on my hands.  Big deal!"  
He called me right after and we both laughed hysterically.  I guess it's time for me to buy the kid some gloves?  Anyway, Wren said they had just gotten back from a walk, and were headed out on another walk to get some hot chocolate.  
So happy for Radcliff that he'll have what I had.
Yay for FUN dads!  
Now it's...
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