Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Year and Resolutions

New Year's Eve, my family headed up to Midway to kick off the New Year.  My dad got us each our own cozy little condo.  With loads of junk food in hand, we ate our little hearts out, blasted our fireplaces, talked to the fairy, and shopped till we dropped at Park City Outlets on New Year's Day.  Oh, and it was the first time we had a bath tub big enough to fit Wren, Radcliff, and I all in one tub!  A monumental moment for the girl who loves baths more than anyone else.  Thanks mom and dad for the fun weekend!

Wren and I have been too busy this last week to even think about New Year's resolutions, but a couple that will definitely be going down on my list are:

-Don't stress as much.  Like if I'm running late, don't work myself up in a frenzy trying to make every green light, and cursing the slowest of all the pokes.  It's fine, I'm already late.  Stressing over it will not help.
-Don't sweat the small stuff.  No one cares if I don''t clean the baseboards before they come over.  Sometimes, and especially with a baby, you can't do everything.  Plus, spending time with my chubalub is much more important than worrying about the minuet details no one will notice anyway.
-Plan out healthy, easy meals.  It's not that hard, I just need to set time out time to do it.
-Drink way more water.  WAY MORE.
-Ride my cycling bike every other day for thirty minutes, followed by crunches/push-ups/stretching.  Going strong for the last three weeks, and I feel like five million times better.
-Write in my journal at least once a week.  I want to remember everything about Radcliff at this age.
-Be a better listener.  Like not just show an interest in what someone else is saying, but actually have an interest and stop thinking about what I'm going to say next.  Just listen to them.
-Be a better daughter, mother, sister, wife, and friend.  
-Have a date night at least twice a month with Wren.  That's important and we need to plan time out for it even if it's hard leaving Salty Dog Shrimp (here's lookin at you parents and siblings!;))
-PUT AWAY THE SMART PHONES ALREADY!  SO SICK OF THEM!  Wren, NEW RULE, if we are with each other, the phones are going down.  Also, only use my phone during the day when Radcliff is snoozing.  I never want to look back and regret not spending every minute I could squeezing his fat little legs and making him laugh.
-Save more and spend less.  LOTS more and LOTS less :)
-Show more interest in Wren's hobbies.  I need to somehow learn to love skiing and mountain biking.  Help?
-Be kinder and show more compassion.

Yay for a New Year!  And yay for a new season of Bachelor tonight!  Now if we can get this inversion to go away...