Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Surprise Birthday PARTAY

On Saturday night, Wren and I threw a little surprise birthday party for Sara.  Everything panned out perfectly, and she was 100% shocked when everyone jumped out and yelled, "Surprise!"  It was hilarious to see her face.  Job well done friends!  We partied like it was 1999, you know, laughing at the babies with our virgin daiquiris in hand.  We're pretty fly like that.
Wren decided he would be Tim The Tool Man Taylor before the party started by slamming the thermostat into the wall to get it to stay put so it didn't look so ghetto-fabulous for our guests, and in doing so, our heat got stuck at 80 degrees.  I literally almost had a heat stroke in my sweater and vest.  So naturally, I changed for the after party... ;)
Radcliff had his first real taste of sugar when we let him try Michelle's decadent cake pops.
Let's just say it was love at first lick.
And then he went and got stingy and Daddy has to pry it out of his cold, wet hands.
It's so hard being little.
Rad with the birthday mama!
The boys finished the night off right by catching the last half of the Jazz game.
Bob, you are the best friend a girl like me could ask for.  Truly, you are.  I love you and hope we did you right!