Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You in the mood to be NAUGHTY too?

Guys.  I'm being honest when I say I have discovered the best, and the chewiest, and probably the unhealthiest chocolate chip cookie recipe out there.  Sunday turned into one of those gray, luxurious, snowy days where Wren and I were feeling particularly bad...  Radcliff's nap was turning into a three hour event (bless that child!) and we came to the happy realization that we just so happened to have all of the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies.  And so we just kind of went with it.  I did what any normal bakee would do and googled chocolate chip cookies and Google was a peach and went and delivered this gem.  Merci Martha.  
The only thing I did differently was add an extra tablespoon of sea salt (yes, the crunch counts!) and really, who doesn't love their chocolate chip cookies extra salty?
I'd be lying if I said we didn't stop eating them until we 100% hated ourselves. 
Anyway, two days later they are still incredibly soft and still incredibly alluring/haunting.
Have I sold you yet?