Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lemons into Lemonade? + Link Up!

Vest: Quicksilver
Undershirt: Brass Plum
Pants:The Limited
Bracelet: Mom's boyfriend gave to her in college, thanks lost love!
Hoodie: Vans
Pants: Target
Onesie: Old Navy
Vest: Babinski Baby
Hat: Target
The only thing constant about Salty Dog Shrimp, is change.  The second I think I've got that baby figured out, he throws me a curve ball.  And not just any curve ball, but the kind that would turn and smack me straight in my square chin while being forced to play outfielder.  This kid's a game player, and a good one at that.  The last couple weeks he's made this mama's dreams come true by sleeping eleven hours straight, and sleeping in until 10:00am (give me an R!)  Well last Saturday night rolls around and things took a turn for the worst.  After three badly failed attempts of getting SDS to bed, and three hours later, he finally drifted off around midnight.  Wren and I breathed a sigh of relief and cozied up in bed to start a movie (always a risky thing to do that late with a baby.)  Well what do you know... right as the beginning credits roll, we hear it.  The cry that knows we'll come get it  This went on all night long.  Not only would he wake up, but would scream uncontrollably which he never does, leaving his exhausted parents for a loss of what to do. The worst part of the night was after we finally would get him back to sleep, and I'd almost be back asleep, the heater vent would start buzzing, waking me up (I had dreams of drop kicking the sucker).  By the time I'd get the dang vent figured out, Rad would wake up again. Finally after what felt like this vicious cycle repeating itself over and over and over again, he let the biggest poop yet (another thing he has never done in the middle of the night) and of course was all bright eyed and bushy tailed.  But at 4:00am, and not an ounce of sleep for the night, I wasn't.  That night was the first night I'd really lost my patience since he's been born.  I just didn't have it in me to look on the bright side.  I was really frustrated   So Wren seeing this, got up with him and took him downstairs.  As I was laying there feeling sorry for myself because of how tired I was, I heard Wren say, "And in this picture, Radcliff, is you all hidden in mommy's tummy.  This picture over here has Kate, Slick, Cha, Mommy, Daddy, Rache, and Ty.  This picture is of you when you were a tiny little baby on your first hike."  He proceeded to go through every single picture on our wall explaining who everyone was.  SDS was oooing and aaaing, and I could hear him get so excited.  My heart melted and I quickly remembered how lucky I am to have these two dudes.  
Sometimes in our harder moments, we realize how amazing we have it.  I am so thankful for such a wonderful husband and what an incredible daddy he is to Salty Dog. 
Now go back to sleep already would ya Radcliff???  ;)

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