Monday, January 21, 2013

They Think They're Pretty Funny Don't They?

Mom and Dad didn't do much this weekend other than laugh at my expense.  With my extreme grunting, fake coughs, silent but deadly gas, and well of course the sunglass stint from January, 2013... 
...I'd have to say, I can't really blame them.
I was laughing too.
But then...
... THIS went and happened.
What am I guys?  Kim Kardashian?
Mmm mmm girl, I don't think so!
And right as soon as I thought it couldn't get much worse, IT DID...
But again, I'm a forgiving guy.
I'll give it to the poor parents, it was sickeningly funny.
Yours Forever,
Salt Dog Shrimp.

Happy Monday everyone!
We're just over here today, still a little high from all the paint fumes of re-doing our bathroom this weekend.
But then I'm sure you could have guessed that from this post ;)
Before and after pictures coming soon!  It's like a million times better now.  If I'd of had to look at that celery green color, or the frosted glass shower door one more time, I'd have lost it.