Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some Ranting, You Love That... Right!?

Valentines Day was extra surprising this year in that Wren was sicker than a sick little dog.  He had planned to get off at noon on Valentines to spend some extra time with Radcliff and I, but because of the pathetic state he was in, he came home and rested his frail little figure.  It was really, really sad.  I don't know about you, but when someone is close to me gets sick, not only do I mourn the fact of them feeling gross, I mourn even more that I could get it.  I know, selfish, always thought this way though.  And throw a baby into the mix and picturing both of us being sick sounds almost unbearable.  In fact, Wren even said, "This sucks I got this, but so glad it's me and not you two.  Could you even imagine???"  Don't really know exactly what was meant by that, but touche!  And here we are today both healthy wealthy and wise.  So moral of the story?  The flu shot really does't work.  I refuse to get it, but Wren's work makes it mandatory for them to get one and look who got the flu.  Poor guy.
Anywho, Radman and I made our own sort of fun as Daddy slept.  We delivered Valentine cookies to our neighbors and Grandparents!  The weather was insanely gorgeous that day and listening to Damien Rice (love finding old musak!) as the sun set on our car ride to my Grandparents' houses almost made up for Wren's run in with the flu.  Plus the Valentines Fairies visited us (GRANDpa and Hoo Hoo) and that really got us in the spirit!
The day before Valentines Day my mom and sister came over and we partied hard as we frosted a gazillion cookies.  Radman wore his glow stick and laid down the law.
The day after Valentines, Wren's mom threw a Teddy Bear picnic for the grand-babies to celebrate Valentines   We made teddy bear shaped Rice Krispie treats, sandwiches and mini pizzas.  Lilly and Skyler made cute teddy bear posters and we laughed at how hilarious the babies are together.  The babies got their big old feel bads hurt that they couldn't participate in the food making and crafts, but then decided it was okay once we fed them the boobs.
And blah, blah, blah, that's all she wrote!
HAPPY MONDAY!  It's a holiday so we'll be partying all day long!