Monday, February 25, 2013

Us In All Our Glory and Wren Blackmail Videos!

I think I have posted less in the past couple weeks than I ever have since I started this blog.  Normally I am the get up, shower, get your house clean type of girl.  But lately, this pure laziness has swept over me (maybe I have a little bout of what Wren had on Valentines Day?) and I've had absolutely, positively no motivation to do anything.  Getting our house clean took most of the day and showering came no earlier than 3:00 in the afternoon.  Why you ask?  Because Radcliff and I had better things to do like sleeping in until 10:30, laying in bed all day nursing and cuddling (he is the cuddliest right now!), hanging out in our pajamas or if we were feeling particularly lethargic- naked (him people, I'm not that lazy), and talking in insanely crazy voices all day to my little monster.  And you know what?  It's been just what the doctor ordered.  This seven and a half month old thing is pretty much heaven.  He's happy all day, sleeping and napping like a champ, can sit up, and loves to play and laugh!  I want to enjoy every second of it.  The house and hygiene will unfortunately always be there.  His seven and a half month old self will not.  Sadly!

So here's us in all our glory...
We aren't embarrassed one bit.

Also... apparently I have three different Vimeo accounts, two of which I completely forgot about, and I was going through old videos today and found these gems.  Two words for you.  Cool Cat.  My husband is such a sister.  I love hims.  

This video (more of a recording) was taken while Wren was in the shower.  You guys should here the songs and voices he does while he's showering.  It's entertaining to say the least. 
He's going to kill me but here's one to get your Monday rolling...

And here's some other randoms that I think are hysterical.  But it could be because I'm married to him?
(LOVE that he's holding my high heels in this one)
Here's to me, because I could be dead later.
Happy Monday!