Monday, March 25, 2013


This has been the craziest, busiest couple days ever! 
We are down to the nitty gritty in our basement. This weekend, mostly during nap time of course, Wren and I:
-Bought lights
-Hung lights fixtures
-Stained moldings for around windows
-Our doors were delivered
-Painted doors
-Installed the vinyl floor in office
-Installed door jambs
-Painted door jambs
-Installed windows moldings
-Ordered carpet
Whew, we're exhausted and have come along way from this post that was just over a month ago.
Not only were we doing that stuff... Our Subaru that I listed on KSL, not even a week ago, sold faster than we were expecting.
It was an emotional goodbye because it had sentimental value for us. I bought that car as a surprise for Wren almost five years ago on his birthday (that's a whole other story), and just a month after we were married. She's been with us since the beginning and we will miss you Subie. 
So after looking and looking, we lucked out and found a fantastic deal on this little Toyota, Rav4...
I guess I officially have a mom car, which is what we needed. No more shoving my stroller in and out of a trunk, plus it will be safer for the mister in the back.
And if it didn't sound busy already, add a teething eight month old into the picture which would exhaust you all on it's own. Friday night, I think it was, he woke up every single hour of the night crying and grabbing his mouth. It was so so sad. But Saturday day, he seemed like a whole new boy because that second tooth finally sprouted! When he slept almost nine hours straight Saturday night, Wren and I were on cloud nine. When he took almost a four hour nap after that? We were praising the heavens! 
And due to the stress, I'm sure, today I woke up with this monstrosity...
The picture just doesn't do it justice. We're classifying it as a boil and staying indoors where the light can't reflect off it and blind somebody. It hurts.
Happy Monday! :)