Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Radcliff's Nursery Before It's Not + Link Up!

I have held off on posting pictures of Radcliff's nursery because I never felt quite done with it. There has been a list of things I have wanted to make for his room since he was born, but then just that happened... he was born, and life got busy and my list has turned into a list that will sadly never get done. At least for this room, because pretty soon here, when the basement's finished, we are moving our office to the room down there and switching Salty Dog's room to that room which is much bigger. I want him to feel like he has a little bit of room to play in there, plus I'm excited to go with a whole new scheme. 

As excited as I am to switch it up, this little room will always have a place in my heart. It's where he slept all by himself for the first time, where he's been rocked to sleep, read stories to, and my favorite thing... where he's nursed too many times to count. A lot of bonding has gone on in this little room and I would be lying if I said I won't shed a tear when we move everything out. Plus it's just totally quaint and comfy which is what I love.

For his new room, I want something kind of simple with an urban feel to it. Member this post I did clear back in the day when I was only about five months pregnant? So funny to look back on this... I feel my style has changed a lot since then. Here are some nurseries I'm loving right now:

I love the black wall here.

Dying over all the books displayed on the wall!

I think old fashioned toys are the perfect touch.

What a great idea to add a mirror, it makes the room look ginorm!

And everything about this nursery is perfection.
I'm just going to be jealous of every last detail going on in this room now.

What are your favorite nursery styles? Paint colors? I'm loving white, but before you know it my entire house is going to be bright white if I'm not careful!

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