Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1 Hour Bumper Pads + Link Up!

So I have been meaning to make a matching quilt, crib skirt, and bumper pads since Radcliff was born last year, but time slipped away from me and I just never got to it. Well, now that we moved his nursery over, we wanted fun bedding to go with him's new big boy room! We love how everything turned out and thought it might behoove you if we shared (don't be jealous I'm cool enough to use the word behoove). But really, making your own bedding for a crib is not only cheaper (can be), but you can get exactly the look you are going for! 
Here's how I made them:
1. Find some used bumper pads
2. Lay the pad (not a maxi pad ;)) out on the fabric you're going to use and cut just enough around the edges for your seam allowance. Except on one of the ends, leave about four extra inches (you will use this for the opening to slide your pads inside).
3. Once you have done this, cut the piece right in half and lay right sides together on another piece of fabric. You'll want to lay the two half pieces over each other a couple inches, line up with the existing bumper pad (so you know how long to make it), and cut right around the first piece (two pieces you cut), you with me?
4. Next, you fold both the inside pieces about an inch or two under and pin.
5. Once you have pinned both sides under and pinned...
6, 7. Take to the sewing machine and hem both sides under. I used a fancier stitch on mine.
8. It should look like this when you're finished (I folded right side up so you could see)
9, 10. This is what is should look like keeping right sides together.
11. Now cut off the ties on the existing bumper pads (I suggest finding pads with ties you like so you don't have to make your own) or use ribbon. You'll lay the edges (side you cut) hanging out of the sides or your fabric like a half inch all the way around the bottom piece (the one piece one) of fabric and pin each on down.
13. You'll then take the other half piece of fabric, lay it over the top (right sides together) and pin down.
14. Sew around the edges of the first piece.
15. Repeat with second piece of fabric.
16. It should look like this when you've sewed both peices.
Trim all excess thread off, snip corners, fold inside out, and place original bumper pads inside.
Easy right?
Only bummer? Now you have to repeat to the other three pads...
Good news? You only have 45 more minutes of sewing left!
I also decided to get down with my bad self and make a matching quilt and pillow.
(Add minky dot to the back of any quilt to make it soft for baby's skin :))
For all of one second I thought about posting a tutorial on how to make them, but then decided making them was hard enough as it was without trying to explain how I did it. So let them just be inspiration to you (if you even like em!) For the quilt, I just eyeballed and created my own pattern because using patterns, in my opinion, is for the birds (I'm just jealous they don't make an ounce of sense to my square head). I did the same thing for the pillow. I would recommend this to anyone who is pattern illiterate like I am. Just wing it! 

Side-Notes: I purchased the main bumper pad fabric from Home Fabrics when they were having one of their amazing blowout sales and I got it for THREE dollars a yard and it is the heavy duty upholstery fabric (like 60 inches wide!) I bought like six yards of it and it came to about $20. To say I was pleased was an understatement! Home Fabrics is bomb for their deals. If you live here and haven't been, I really am embarrassed for you ;) The black and white fabric I used in the pillow and quilt, I bought from a little quilting shop (can't remember the name?) when they were going out of business and were closing out all of their stuff. This is why I said making your own can be cheaper. You have to find a good deal on fabric or it's really more expensive sometimes. But again, you do get exactly what you want! Wow, longest post ever. Hope you lasted!
Feel free to email me with any questions you might have!
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