Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Basement Wishlist + Link Up!

Our basement is so close to being done I could slap myself I'm so excited! Not only for all the space we'll gain to make new memories in, but to have my husband back in the evenings. The basement has been quite demanding and for that I'm bugged at you Basement  How dare you. Wren is the biggest help in the world with our baby and this construction to-do thing has made me realize this even more.  Look how exhausted the poor guy is... 
He's worked so hard!
Carpet gets put in tomorrow (que screams of excitement right here!) and I would be lying if I said I wasn't lusting after lots of things to put down there. A new couch is one of them but we still have the couch we bought when we were first married so it just isn't realistic to buy another one right now. That doesn't mean that I'm not totally revamping it though. Don't worry, last week I covered eight, count them... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 24 inch pillows with zippers. Yes I almost died and realized in those eight-zipper-moments, I don't enjoy sewing. Just the final product, really. Needless to say, I really like the fabric and I think it will tie everything together down there.
A couple other items on my wish list...
I would  love to put some comfy pieces down there as well. I was looking for bean bag chairs online, and came across this. How fun is this retro looking one?
I have been wanting to make some accordion style Roman Shades, not only for aesthetics, but to block out light when we want to watch a movie or something.
Anyone know of any good tutorials or where I could buy the hardware to do so?

And last on my list (for today ;)) are some built-in bookshelves/entertainment area.
Loving this...
But this is after I get my mojo back of course. One project at a time Savy.
Alrighty, glad to get that off my chest ;) What are some of your favorites for home decor right now?
Now it's...
Rolled Up Pretty
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I want to see what you've created, done, eaten, made, worn, or just think is awesome enough you have to share! Please visit a couple others who have linked up as well. We all love some comments right?
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