Monday, April 1, 2013

Radcliff Hearts Easter Bunny

Radcliff's first Easter was success! We started the day off by sleeping in. Naturally. We arose and I made a big breakfast quiche for my guys, one of which couldn't eat it, and then Radcliff went down for a glorious three hour nap while Wren and I spent some quality time together. In the afternoon, we headed to Wren's parent's house for a spectacular Easter brunch, their annual Easter egg hunt, and just some quality R&R. Again, the meal Radcliff did not eat, completely wore him out and he took another couple hour nap which meant more relaxing for Wren and I. Later, we headed to my family's house for another fantastic home cooked meal and some more R&R. Cliffy got his auntie time in and accidentally got an unintentional guitar wire shot right into the tip of his chubby old pointer finger. It was so sad but he quickly bounced back! That's my hims boy. 
We decided on the drive home, we truly have the best families. They do so much for us all the time and we are just so lucky to have every single one of them in our lives. We also decided that our families have got to make some of the cutest darn babies out there... I mean seriously though, check out those three fat, smiling babies up there. And Lilly and Skyler's hug? I die!
Thanks for all of Radcliff's Easter loot grandparents! We love you!
Also, here is a little video of Radcliff on Easter in Iris's Jenny Jump Up. He loved jumping in it, and swinging even more. And when two men stepped over, we won't name names, his smile turned right upside down to reveal the saddest sad face you've ever seen. Men, in his book, are just plain scary monsters... 
Happy Monday!