Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Closet>Fierce & Link Up!

It had to happen... Radcliff's first nursery was always destined to be a closet I suppose. With no good place for all of our crap before, something needed to change. And this was it! This closet was the answer to every cluttered closet, heap of clothes pile, can't find anything to wear mayhem  If you missed my post from Monday, read here. I won't bore those of you who did read it with the details again. Long story long, we are in love and our clothes have finally found their place in this messed up world ;)
Thank you to my baby sisters who came and helped me organize all of it, and for watching Radcliff while I organized!
Rache, organize my socks dang-it! Kate, fold my jeans nicer! Radcliff, keep being cute! Oh how I love delegating!
I recommend this to anyone with an extra room. Seriously, it's a little sick how happy this has made us!
Now it's...
Rolled Up Pretty
Link WHATEVER, WHENEVER up! As long as it's cool ;) Just have it be to a specific blog post.
I want to see what you've created, done, eaten, made, worn, or just think is awesome enough you have to share! Please visit a couple others who have linked up as well. We all love some comments right?
Link away....