Monday, April 15, 2013

Crappity, Crap, Crap, Crap

We had another busy weekend...

Last weekend we got Radcliff's new nursery all painted, with big thanks to my mom for helping me paint! "It was hard, but not that hard", said her in her own frazzled voice! We also got all of his wittle fings (no one is worse more annoying with their baby talk than us) moved over. I have been busy sewing his new bumper pads (they're done and I will be posting a tutorial soon, so easy!) quilt, and crib skirt, as well as getting all of his things cleaned out and organized. Anyway, we are in love with his new little room, and so happy that he has room to move around now. Crawling is going to happen any minute now you see! Nursery post coming very soon!

Well what to do with his old nursery room? Why turn it into a walk in closet for Wren and I of course! Since moving into our house last year, we have had no closet space, which has meant having to utilize all three bedroom closets for our clothes (we're vain like that). Wren, you need a t shirt to work out in? Sorry dude, Radcliff's sleeping... (Wren's t-shirts were stored in baby's room). Well long story short, and with the help of my baby sisters (love bossing them around!), we were able to get all of the shelves and rods hung and everything all put away. Getting dressed is an absolute dream now with all of our everything in one room... including the ironing board. Boo ya. I guess I can iron all of those shirts and pants I refused to wear because I refused to iron? Getting ready is just all too simple now. Wren... get ready for your wife to get ready again! Because I'm BACK in livin color baby! Bet you missed that? Lots of pictures to come later this week on our closet. 

Besides doing the closet, we got this hunk of junk removed from our backyard... 
By removed, we paid someone to come pick it up because sometimes it's just easier. But Wren and I still had to move it all to the front yard. Thank you for your three hour nap Radcliff, without that it wouldn't have been possible! The picture does not even do how much crap there was back there, justice! It took up an entire 8 foot wide, by 13 foot deep, by 6 foot high trailer. Wow. But three grueling hours later it was gone and we breathed a sigh of relief that we didn't have to stare at soggy carpet pad or wood paneling anymore. But more importantly, that we would no longer be deemed the ghetto neighbors down the street. Whew. 

We also rearranged our whole front room because we moved a ton downstairs. So excited about having a formal front room with no TV in it, and to bring our piano in that has been sitting under the carport for the last year! Pray it's okay.  

You think this post is done yet? Not even close. My mom also came over and transplanted a bunch of her flowers and plants in our front yard (something I have been dying to do since tearing out our blasted bushes last year, see this post) as a surprise while we were taking a nap. We had no idea she and my dad had even come, so when we walked outside that evening my head started spinning when I saw all of the plants. Just earlier that day I had gone out and weeded, so I knew they hadn't been there. I was like, "Wren! Whoa. Look at all the plants that just sprouted in the last couple hours, I'm in shock." LOL. Thanks mom! And again, pictures to come of that soon!

And last, what is a post without a picture of our adorable baby? Not a post. I found the easiest and most delicious recipe for almond flour pancakes topped with homemade jam and Radcliff loved them until he didn't.
I'll post that recipe in a couple days too. I bet you didn't think I'd say that though did you? Now that everything is settling down with the house, I'm stepping it up on this here blog! 

Happy Monday!