Monday, April 8, 2013

Zoo Days- Now and Then!

Way back when (about 2 1/2 years ago to be exact) Wren surprised me on my 25th birthday by taking me to the zoo. It was October and the leaves were off the hook yellow, red and orange. The weather was an amazing 75 degrees (the best temperature in my opinion), the sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and no one was there. We had the zoo all to ourselves. I remember walking around thinking, "This is the most perfect day ever." On the way home we listened to Vampire Weekend and to this day, every time I listen to them, I think of that memorable day.
Although nothing compares to the joy Radcliff gives me, there are days like the days we had this weekend where we're juggling painting and cleaning and moving and organizing and doing things that are hard all on their own, and then you add a baby into the mix who needs to be fed and rocked to sleep and entertained and spills the baby food you could barely bare to make all over himself and it can just be downright exhausting. And it's in those times it's easy to reminisce on days where is was just Wren and I and think, "We had it so easy! What would that even be like anymore?"
 And then there are these times...
...where you remember why having a baby makes everything that much better. Where you get to take them on their first carousel ride and see their wheels turn as they discover their first hairy human in shock (an ape) and you realize life is like a million times better with them; that zoo days are that much better! Even when you never thought the last zoo day could be topped, but was!