Monday, May 20, 2013

2 Parties!

We celebrated two fun things this weekend.
First, Wren and I threw a little graduation party for Rachael's boyfriend Brandon on Saturday night. He just graduated from law school and is one smart, accomplished, and awesome dude! Radcliff went to bed early so we all hunkered downstairs in our cozy basement and laughed and laughed until almost midnight. I love that my baby sibling are all growing up because it's so fun to hang out with them and their make out buddies! ;)
On Sunday, Wren's parents made yet another delectable meal for Wren's birthday party and we all hung out and ate and laughed at the babes. Man, will it be fun having two little cousins Radcliff's same age to grow up with! He already loves them so much! Radcliff even took a glorious two hour nap in Mema's closet (bless that dark, quiet closet!) and Wren and I were able to watch Life of Pie downstairs in their movie theater room while Wren tickled my feet. I surely thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Funny the things we took total advantage of before we had kids!
Hope your weekend was awesome! Happy Monday!