Monday, May 27, 2013

Downhill Super D, Go Wren!

We headed up to Sundance on Saturday for Wren to ride in the Sundance Super Downhill mountain bike race. While we waited for Wren to get set up and practice, Radcliff and I grabbed lunch, hung out on the grass, walked around the pretty trails and shopped in the expensive stores (without buying anything!) Sundance is gorgeous. Seriously! Wren did awesome in the race and it was so fun to be able to set up a blanket and hang out just feet away from the trail. Radcliff was successfully, what I observed to be, the only baby up there. He ate lots of dirt and chewed on too many rocks. He was covered in dirt! Mother of the year right here! After Wren was finished, the three of us walked up the same path that the finish line was on and everyone cheered for me as I pushed the stroller up the hill. And you know what? I think entertaining a baby for four hours by myself up there was just as much an accomplishment as the participants. Until next year!
Happy Memorial Day to you as well. We are off to go to breakfast and see The Great Gatsby with my family, and then to Wren's family for lunch and swimming. Are holidays not the best? PARTAY! :)