Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pie 5 & 10-1/2 Months & Link Up!

Today I want to write down some things I don't want to forget about Radcliff's amazingly fun age! I have been so horrible at journaling and it seems each day that passes, the pit in my stomach grows bigger from guilt of not writing in it. I don't ever want to forget all of the cute things this boy is doing right now! But I know I will if I don't write them down, so here goes:

Radcliff... how fun is this 10-1/2 month old thang we've got going on here, my darling boy? Your new found freedom is absolutely exhilarating to you! To us as well. I love watching you crawl from room to room following me around. My favorite is when the door is slightly closed and all of a sudden I see it slowly creak open and see your big smiling face peek around the door. You are just too much to handle! Just this last week you have started pulling yourself up into standing position. It's so cute to see your wobbly, little, proud self! It will be soon you'll be walking! When you are in your highchair you love playing this game with us where you'll lean your head all the way back, stretch your mouth as wide as it will go, look at us with your eyes peering out of the side of your face, and do this gasp-for-air thing. You wait until we do it, and then laugh and laugh and repeat it all over again. At first, it could be quite disturbing to someone, but we of course think it's adorable and hilarious! You can wave bye-bye and repeat really basic things like bye-bye, bo-bo, mama, and dada. We love watching your wheels turn. You love watching me point to everything on mine and your face and hearing what it is. That's entertainment for a good ten minutes! You also love listening to me count to ten and sing the ABCs. You are so intrigued by learning and I love it! You also love music! When I bring you to singing time in primary you sing right along with the kids in a pretty high pitched voice. It's so terribly precious. We can't keep you away from the guitar, and you could watch us play it forever! In fact, you accidentally pricked your finger really bad on one of the strings at the end of the guitar and we couldn't get it unstuck. You screamed as we had to force it out. Now we have to constantly hide it from you, but you always seem to find it! You also love sitting on my lap as I play the piano or stare at my lips as we sing together. And you have your favorite go-to-bed songs that put you right to sleep. I hope your love for music only grows like ours has! You love to play patty cake and your favorite is marking it with the B because it's just another chance for you to use your pointer fingers. You LOVE pointing. It's hilarious. We will roll you a ball and you'll roll it back with your pointer finger. You have been doing this for months now and we are just so happy it hasn't worn off! Point away buddy! Teething has not been the kindest to you, unfortunately for you and for us. You are still pretty happy during the days but nights have been hard. You already have six teeth which is more than your dad and I had at your age! You still have the biggest hands and feet and we just love them. Everywhere we go people comment on what a beautiful baby you are! We get comments at least once a day from strangers on how beautiful your exotic-looking big brown eyes are. You are so beautiful, more so than anything we could have ever imagined, sweet boy! Your sweet little spirit is so much too. You are constantly smiling and needing to see our faces. You're still such a mommy's boy and can't be away from me for very long at all. You still love nursing as well as eating three meals a day! You are a great eater and for that I am so thankful! We still take our morning bath everyday and have incorporated a nightly one as well. You love the tub and we usually feed you two of your three meals in there! What an amazing first baby you have been. Again we could never have imagined anything better! Thank you for being so happy and sweet for us! We love you Radcliff! :)

PS Pizza is from Pie 5! It's our favorite new restaurant that just opened up frighteningly close to our house. To say we're obsessed is an understatement! Their gluten free crusts!? TO DIE! And you can load your personalized pizza with as many toppings as you'd like for just $6.00! Oh and their salads? PERFECTION! 
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