Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Firmoo and You + Link Up!

I have had the pleasure of working with Firmoo again, and they were kind enough to send me over another pair of fun glasses! Remember my last review of their gold glasses here? Wren still wears them all.the.time. And speaking of that post, man you can tell I was really lacking some sleep. Radcliff was six weeks old and we had no clue what the heck we were doing, really. Now we're pros ;) And my hair?! Was it really that long and thick? Kind of kicking myself that I cut it. Oh well. But back to my glasses. Way back in 2009, I think it was, I paid the best money I've ever spent and had lasik surgery done on my eyes. My eyes were a whopping -8.50, and if any of you know how bad that is, well you know how bad it is. No matter how much dough I spent on glasses to get them to look thinner, my eyes still slipped into the deep abyss of thick, thick glass. It wasn't pretty. Well now that I don't need them? I actually like them. Thanks to the hipster scene, I can sport them without seeming like a wannabe, even though I was technically born with bad eyes so I wouldn't really be a wannabe, but kind of... You follow? Anyway, go check out Firmoo and enter code SAVANNAHBLOGE2 to get 30% off your order! Their website is super easy to navigate as well as to enter your prescription. Aaaaand... their glasses are super stylin.

Thanks Firmoo!
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