Monday, June 10, 2013

Our Boat Broke Down So...

...we unintentionally spent the entire day camped out by the lake.
But before we move on...
It is absolutely necessary you listen to this song as you scroll through and read the post. Because after all, it was the theme song for the day (meaning I listened to it, oh close to 100 times that day) Wren, be glad you weren't there. You would have B slapped me you'd been so sick of it.
Now that you've pressed play, we can continue...
that face, OMG...^
We literally sat in the same spot for like six hours. And you know what? We had just as much fun, if not more fun, then we would have boating (can't believe I just uttered those words, boating is up there with my love for Radcliff). With my Dad there, of course we had ample food, treats and soda from Costco. And between all six of em, I got some hardcore laying out and relaxing in because when they're there, it's like Radcliff's not. Only he is, just very much obsessed by and with everyone that he doesn't really remember I exist. My Dad rented us kayaks/canoes (still not sure what what to call them) so we rowed it up like it was 1999. My sister Kate shared one with Radcliff and I. Radcliff didn't see much else other than an up close and personal view of Utah Lake because he thought leaning all the way over the kayak/canoe and running his chubby fingers through the water as I held his feet, was way more fun than sitting on board like the other two of us passengers (run on sentence for ya?) Safety first over here folks! Whatever will shut em up though, right? Totally kidding. Kind of. That extravaganza wore him right out and he slept for an hour and a half in his stroller while we soaked up the last of the evening's rays. RAD- A+ dude, for not crying once the whole day, even when we went shopping after. That could have gone south real fast. DAD- Don't let this post send you mixed messages... W.E. N.E.E.D. T.H.E. B.O.A.T. F.I.X.E.D. P.R.O.N.T.O. ;) MOM- Keep lookin hot. 
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend too!
As always... HAPPY MOOOOOONDAY! :) You're welcome for the song.