Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Crazy Fascination With Motherhood + Link Up!

Wow, being a mother is really something else, right? People try and describe the love you'll have for your baby, but really, it can't even be comprehended until experienced. It is the most unselfish of loves. A love that is not always returned but most definitely always given. A love that forces you to have strength you didn't know you had (some shown here and here). Since having Radcliff, I get emotional seeing mother-child relationships in action. There's just something so special and beautiful watching a mother interact with her child because you know she'd do anything for them. We watched Tsunami this weekend. It was heartbreaking and amazing all at the same time watching the young son help his crippled mother climb up the palm tree to safety. It really put me in the situation and I pictured Radcliff at the age helping me. It's like mothers give and give and give, and then to have your child there to give back and even save your life weighs heavy on my heart for reasons I can't explain. It's a little ironic isn't it? I'm unsure if Radcliff yet has the ability to comprehend what love is. Like if he gets that it's love every time he stares me in the eyes as I walk to the other side of the room, making sure I'm not leaving. Or when he reaches up towards me with his fat little arms so desperately wanting to be held, that that's love. I hope as we grow older together, he'll always know I would and will do anything to ensure he knows just how deeply I love him. And then there's the last picture up there... As I look at my mom's arms reaching for her baby's baby, I can understand a little more fully how deeply I was loved! Where would we be without mothers? We wouldn't.    
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