Monday, June 17, 2013

Wren's First Father's Day!

We started Father's Day weekend off right this year by letting Wren spend Saturday fathering Radcliff (how nice am I?), while my dad took the girls boating! Oh how I love Wren and my Dad. How did I get so lucky again?
That evening, Wren and Radcliff met me off the 15 (I've been wanting to refer to I-15 as the 15 lately to sound cool, but really, doesn't it sound better?) and we headed out to our friend's house for a BBQ. I have been so close with all of these girls since beauty school and it's so fun to get all of our babies together now that are the same age.
Monica's Feet.Radcliff.Capri.Jamison
Oh how the times have changed since having kiddos, but it's so much more fun now! Look at those cute parents, parenting the best that they now how dangit ;)
There's the cute face to those feetsies up there... :)
Radcliff's a grillin man, NBD
And our special little friends, this picture kills me!
On Sunday, we woke up and I made a big breakfast for that cute Daddy right there.
Later, my family took Radcliff to church for us while we partied it up with just the two of us!
After, we headed over to my parents to pick him up and spend some time with my Dad. 
And that evening we had Wren's family over for a BBQ.
We ate a delicious meal and then walked over to the park by our house to throw the football and... Simon Says lead by the one and only Lilly herself!

It was fun being able to celebrate Wren's first Father's Day. He is such an incredible Dad, words can't even explain it. Radcliff loves him so much and Wren's devotion to Radcliff is unreal. We are the ones who can hardly ever leave our baby with the millions of people who are begging to babysit because Wren just can't handle being away from him. It's so sweet. 
And to both of our Dads... You guys know how much we love and look up to the both of you. I don't think there has ever been two more giving fathers than our Dads. They are constantly serving others, and especially their kids. It's amazing to know that if we ever needed anything, both of them would be there in a second. We love you two!