Friday, July 26, 2013

Designs That Have It Going Ooooooon

Interior Designs That Inspire

I’m always scouring the web for design inspiration and when it comes to decorating your home, the choices really are unlimited. From what I`ve seen, wood, brick and stone can add a lot of character to any room of your home, without the need to over decorate. Here are just a few interior designs that inspire me:
The combination of wood floors, soft lighting, neutral colors and strategically placed brick panels make this hallway warm and inviting with an overlay of sophistication. Taken from 20 Stunning Interior Design Ideas from
Everyone loves a beautiful bathroom, and one that makes you feel like every day is a spa day is even better. This bathroom features an oversized window, stonework, wood floors, an open shower and a tub you want to submerse yourself into is a perfect retreat at the end of the day. A built in fireplace and cutout shelf add a nice touch that really softens the room making it even more inviting. Taken from 35 Amazing Raw Stone Bathrooms on
Warm and cozy, and a perfect display of how a staircase can add character and become a focal point to any room. This well-constructed staircase is a nice addition to the high vaulted ceilings, highlights and wood floors of this room. Taking an industrial layout with a twist of elegance and creativity with its well-placed bricks and built in fountain, this staircase creates a wonderful focal point to this living area. From 20 Stunning Interior Design Ideas on
Just like a log cabin retreat, this living area is the perfect design for cozy and stylish, right down to the oversized fuzzy rug. The combination of wood and stone in this room complement each other in a way that only a few decorative pieces are needed to create a comfortable and completed room. Featured in
A stunning design found in this loft-style home is a perfect example of how rustic and contemporary can come together to form a comfortable space that is both classy and down to earth. The simplicity and beauty make this a perfect space for any person who wants a beautiful home without having to add lots of décor. Featured in Style at Home.
For the moments you just want to relax, this stone bath is a nature lovers’ getaway after a long day. Wood ceilings and natural stone with its large open windows make this bath an ideal place to relax. Natural materials and nature are all that’s needed for this serene bath. Inspiration from
The thing that I love most about this kitchen is how attainable this look can be. Wider planks and a darker stain for wood floors bring richness to the room with little need for accoutrements. Pairing the kitchen floors with a thinner backsplash tile in various colors and shades dramatizes the space, and creates a perfect canvas for high-end appliances and kitchen gadgets. The only thing I would change is the pattern and hue of the granite countertops. Take from a Bungalow for Sale in Manitoba on Comfree.