Tuesday, July 23, 2013

20 Things You Should Know About My Guy Now That He's One

1. If we say, "Kiss, kiss", he leans in and gives us an open mouth kiss with tongue. He's a romantic like that.
2. When shown his Elmo doll he says, "Melmo." 
3. He's doing lots of little talkies in a foreign language that only other Radcliffs could understand.
4. He loves books, and loves it even more when Daddy reads them to him. He loves anything Daddy, really. When Wren walks in from work, Radcliff can barely contain his excitement. The idea of Mama is pretty much toast for the rest of the night.
5. He loves clapping when he stands by himself and raising his arms in the air when we say, "Yay!"
6. After we get him out of his crib, he reaches up to touch the metal sheep at the top of the posts on his crib, then reaches over to the light switch to switch it on and off, and then finally to the swamp cooler knob in the hallway. He's a busy goy!
7. He still takes two baths a day with either Daddy or I.
8. No one loves a good nursing like him. Still. He reaches up for me to tickle the palms of his hands as he drinks and then loves as I move up his arms and onto his face. We can make that whole shebang last a good half hour. He gets the tickling love from his mama.
9. He still takes two long naps everyday. He still goes to be at 11:00. We've tried moving his bedtime earlier since he was born and through many failed attempts, I've decided all three of us are party animal- night owls who can't be held down. We've embraced it.
10. He loves climbing the stairs and loves it even more when we chase him. He squeals with delight as he hurries up them. When he heads towards them to go down, we move our finger in a circle shape, and say, "Turn around", and he'll turn backwards and slowly make his little way down.
11. He's quick as a whip, no pulling anything over on him. I'm sure I'll love that quality as he gets a little bit older as much as my mom loved it in me ;)
12. He loves computers, like way more than friends. If we finally relent to letting him touch it, he'll type, type, type away... really important documents I'm sure! Like I said, he's a busy goy!
13. Lover of anything carb. Surprise, surprise, right? Waffles, toast, cookies, cake, you name it, he loves it. Oh and also ice cream and yogurt. Duh though.
14. He's a car guy. Whether it's watching them drive past or pretending to drive in our cars and pushing all the buttons by the radio, he's smitten.
15. He doesn't love baby food anymore and wants to eat most things off our plate.
16. Teething has not been kind to him and his eighth tooth just popped through!
17. Lover of all things outdoors, and especially hikes in the hiking backpack. He won't make a peep for hours as he stares at the pretty mountains and trees.
18. He still just likes it best when it's the three of us. He's never been into lots of people, and still isn't. Yet he likes everyone from a distance. He be tryin to catch everyone's eye at the store, and when they finally look over at his intently gazing eyes, he gives them his award winning smile that stretches ear to ear across his square little face.
19. He could be pushed in his little pink swing in our backyard forever. 
20. He loves anything you can push... our vacuum, lawn mower, broom, or steamer. He's obsessed.

We love him so very much! 
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