Monday, July 22, 2013

Draper Days in Bad Phone Pictures

Saturday night we were feeling extra wild and decided to brave the crowds at Draper Days. My, oh my, has it changed since my younger high school years. I cannot believe how packed it was! There had got to be thousands upon thousands of people there and Radcliff, the child who doesn't appreciate big crowds, was surprisingly on cloud freaking nine. Wren carried him around in the hiking backpack and there was some serious amazement in his little eyes watching all of the people, the band, and the flashing lights. It was so fun to see! Luckily, we happened upon some good friends and the five of us took a load off on our blanket and caught up as we watched the fireworks. Radcliff also surprised us by loving every minute of the fireworks. He was confused for all one second when they began, but it quickly turned into hands raised towards the sky as high as they could reach, clapping, and squealing with delight! I was dying! Still, today, we'll show him a picture of fireworks and he'll start clapping and saying, "Boom, boom!" We obvi are going to be hitting some good fireworks up on Wednesday. Hope you all had a great weekend!