Monday, August 12, 2013

24th Shenanigans

"Uncle Kinley, that's underage driving! But... you're the coolest uncle for letting me at it!"
On the 24th of July (a holiday here in Utah), we spent the day with Wren's family up in Park City. Being the cool over achievers that we are, we did many a strenuous activities throughout the day. First, was our family 5k (Rad and I had to stop and nurse, I think it really set us back), but aren't our outfits the cutest? That's all that really matters right? But if we're being overly zealous, Wren, my handsome stallion of a brute, won. That's right mother trucks! That means I basically won. We then lost terribly in a rigged game of tug-a-war (I have my eye on you Eden and Kinley), which was then followed by Wren's dad politely putting on an awards ceremony to help all of us losers feel like winners, that quickly turned into a lovely roast. We/I also laid out (the joys of having a Daddy at the pool!) and enjoyed the amazing food spread that Wren's parents put together. Radcliff pretty much thinks he's king of the castle up there and roamed his village, getting many knee battle wounds as he went crawled. We are so lucky to have Wren's family, they truly are one in a mill! 

We are now headed to the Big Bear Lake for our annual family trip for the entire week, count it... SIX days! This has never happened due to my lame jobs in the past, so I will be enjoying every second of boating, laying out, and raspberry shakes.

See ya! :)