Monday, August 19, 2013

Bear Lake 2013!

Every August, my family heads up to Bear Lake for the week to boat, lay on the beach, eat raspberry shakes and pizza (oh thank you Lakeside Pizza for getting with the times and offering a gluten free pizza because that would have been saaaaad!), play games, and of course, talk late into the night with each other. We are so fortunate to have such close relationships with our cousins. We are all just the best of friends! In fact, my cousin Adam (read all about my cousin story here), has a little boy Radcliff's same age and I kept referring to him as my nephew and it honestly didn't occur to me that he wasn't my nephew until his wife said, "Your nephew? He's your second cousin!" It took a good couple minutes to dawn on me that he really wasn't because our cousins are really more like our siblings. So technically? He's my nephew guys! :) Anyway, it was that much more fun with the babies. Radcliff turned a new leaf and we now refer to him as Captain Rad! Not only did does he love the boat now, but he drove it as well as tubed behind it (pictures of that to come later this week!) What a big boy he is! 

Thanks for the wonderful time family!