Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Heart Nursing + Link Up!

I had always been excited to nurse my babies, but never in a million years could I have anticipated how much I would fall in love with it. It truly is my favorite thing to date, I think. When people ask me why I like it so much, it's been hard to put into words. I've said the answers you would expect to hear- it's beneficial for him, it's easy, it's cheap, and my favorite reason... I get to cuddle him and fall asleep at the same time. But even in saying these things, I knew I was not getting the words out right.
Today I think I finally pinpointed the best reason I love it so. This morning, I was running around doing things that I normally would love doing, while Wren was with Radcliff, but I kept feeling this sense of urgency to get home to be with them. I wanted to squeeze my baby so I hurried! When I got home, Radcliff was falling apart and clearly needed a nap ASAP. I snatched him up and latched him to my boob, and as always, he melted right in, rolling his eyes of pure happiness. It was in this moment as I stared at his little face, I realized why I love it so much. It's because I know he's comfortable (okay more than comfortable, in heaven, I think he's going to be a boob guy? Okay kidding, that's gross), he's fed, and he's with me. Aren't these all things (no matter how old they are) we want for our babies?
Now that Radcliff is one, lots of people have been asking me how much longer I plan to nurse. And the answer? I don't really know. All I know is for right now, Radcliff and I love it more than ever. It's our quiet, alone time where we just get to look into each others eyes as I tickle his little arms and hands (that he stretches out high begging to be tickled) that has been lasting up to a half an hour lately. How could I ever deprive the poor child of something he loves so much? How could I deprive myself of something I love so much? They're only little once right? I'm sure my boobs are going down like it's no ones business, but that's alright. They kept a child alive. And I still haven't gotten my period yet, and after two years of not having it? I think it's something to be mighty proud of, wouldn't you say? So I guess we'll see how long I nurse this man-child for! Anyone else love nursing as much as I do? :)
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