Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Geez Louise...

 ...I love this kid. His big personality has become even bigger the last couple weeks! He seriously cracks me up. He's been doing the cheesiest smiles and laughs and loves to repeat lots of things we say. His new phrases are, "Uh oh", and, "BOO!" He's busy as ever and loves to push pretty much anything that will, well, push. He's mastered going up the stairs and just learned how to successfully go all the way down them all by himself (that's a relief!) He loves giving mama kisses and hugs (as well as his stuffed animals), and no one loves a good book more than him. And toilets? There's a love affair going on. Wow. He's got eyelashes for dayzzzzz... Not fair.

Can he stay one forever? I'm completely enthralled with my baby.