Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lake Powell 2013

For you Hoo Hoo...
Lake Powell, you were home to lots of outlandish business this week. Some being...

-Radcliff crawling around the houseboat like he owned the place calling everyone by their name... "Papa!" (Grandpa), "K-K-K-K!" (Kate), "Tata!" (my mom), and we are still working on Rache. R's are not his strong suit. As well as calling anything and everything "bubble" or "moon" and giving all of us five million hugs and kisses. I could not possibly be more obsessed with him and he could not be more obsessed with nursing. It's all he wanted to do the whole trip. We won't tell him when he's older.
-All of the people in Modern Family were as much a part of our trip as we were. In fact, as I laid in bed the night we came home, I still felt the rocking of the houseboat and Gloria's boisterous voice! My entire family would pile onto the double hideaway bed and watch episode after episode as it rained the first two days we were there. 
-Getting high centered on a huge island in the middle of Powell, on the speedboat, while holding my baby, and flying to the front of the boat from the back of it, was so scary to say the least. Thank the high heavens nobody was hurt (especially Rache skiing behind the boat, and for Radcliff not flying out) and that we were less than 50 feet from our houseboat. It could have been soooo bad. And right after my dad fixed his boat from Bear Lake... Sorry Dad!
-My dad brought enough food to feed thirty grown men for an entire month. My mom was not happy. Her quote for the week in regards to food? "UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE."
-I brought way too much crap and it was just slightly unbearable packing it up to go in the extreme heat. I think I like Powell rainy. I think I like having all five loads of laundry folded and put away now too. That was hard. 
-My mom is literally insane. I'd quote her but everything she said was either inappropriate or offensive the entire trip. I love her. 
-We took these videos. Radcliff's laugh kills me.

Weeeeeee, Dad!
But it all seriousness, it was one of the funnest trips yet! My family is seriously one in a million, and my parents work so hard to make everything fun and it always is! Plus, who's parents are this good looking???
Okay, maybe that's not the most flattering picture of my dad... ;)
Until next year! :)