Friday, August 23, 2013

Trader Joe's and Slum Lords

Last night my sister and I were looking at apartments on the internet (one of my strong suits, I thought) because she needs a place to call home already. We came across this handsome building and at first glance it appeared to be so charismatic! It was right by where she does business (she's important) as well as being reasonably priced. We started Googling it to find out more about her dream den and boy, oh girl , were we disturbed when we read this review on the place...

"This place is really bad place. I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy (well maybe possibly). The place is infected with meth heads, tweakers (people addicted to meth), and big two legged cock roaches. And that is the good parts of the place. Wild parties, loud noise in the middle of the night, disturbing the peace, assault and batterie, theft of other people's apartment (mine). Intimidation and hostility and harrasment are the norms. This place is also known as the Gigelow apartments because there is a lot of prostitution there as well. The place is owned and operated by a slum lord who does not care about her tennants and only wants the money. Non residents have a nasty habit of tresspassing and parking in resident's parking stalls like they own the place."

Glad we didn't lose Rache to tweakers, two legged cock roaches, wild parties, assault, theft, intimidation, hostility, harassment, gigelows (Rache pronounced it gig, like we're gig-gling, bless her tender heart), tresspassing, and most imprtanatly, slum lords... but that's just to name a few. Is there anything that doesn't happen at this place? It just sounds so wildly provocative!

Now to the important stuff...

Some of my friends have been requesting a post on my Trader Joe's must-haves because we all know I have lots of them, and I really think Trader Joe's just needs to hire me as their spokesperson. Me and Trader's have a one ended love affair going on, yet I know you secretly feel the same way about me Joe Joe! This is the only place we grocery shop nowadays because everything is healthier, cheaper, and a lot more delicious (they have the funnest treats EVER!) than anywhere else we've shopped. Plus it's really small, maybe five isles total, so it's easy to navigate and find what you need. Trader Joe's is extremely gluten-free friendly as well which has been my saving grace to going off gluten. I mean, look at those cupcakes and oreos down there (not pictured my favorite gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, I could die, truly). They also have a huge gluten-free print out that you can take through the store with you that has been a lifesaver! Their staff is unreal, every time I go someone asks me if I've tried whatever it is I'm looking at, they open it, and let me eat it right there to see if I like it before I buy it. I just really can't say enough good things about this store. Wren and I make a fun night of it and we look forward to it for days! I'll shut up now, here are some of our favorites. 
I was going to go into detail on why I love each of these things so much, but let's be honest, each one would say the same dramatic thing... "I'm obsessed, it's so good!!!" So anyway, if you haven't been to the Salt Lake City location yet, I'm embarrassed for you ;) GO!

Oh and stay away from slum lords and GIGalows.