Friday, September 27, 2013

It Snowed!

Well Salt Lake officially had its first snowfall this past week. We drove up Big Cottonwood to celebrate and to let a pajama'd Radcliff (I put him back in his jammies for his naps now, uncomfortable clothes for naps are just mean I've realized!) have his first official "feel" of the snow (he did last year, but that hardly counts because he really had no idea what the heck was going on). I have kind of been dreading winter with a toddler because this summer has just been so perfect to let him crawl, and now walk, around outside all day to get his energy out. But driving through the snow-capped mountains, and watching Radcliff squeal with excitement as he screamed, "S-now! S-now!", was kind of amazing. We wandered by the river for a second so he could touch and eat the snow (he was elated!), snapped a few pictures, and then headed to Silver Fork Lodge for some hot chocolate. Silver Fork has always been Wren and I's place, so it was fun to bring the newest addition there. As we drove down the canyon, sipping our hot chocolate (because like we could ever stay there and successfully enjoy it with our handful-baby-love) and watching the fog roll over the pine trees, I remembered all the reasons why I really do love winter. As sad as it is saying goodbye to summer, winter does have its own sense of cozy, indoor, family time to it, doesn't it? So bring it on winter. We're ready!