Monday, September 30, 2013

Talking Bad, Rad, and Firmoo!

The glasses I'm wearing are another fun pair sent to me by Firmoo. I think these ones are my favorite ones yet, and as always, they were shipped extremely fast. Their service is unreal! If you are looking for a good pair of glasses, check Firmoo out here.

Well last night was the finale episode of Breaking Bad and I'm still a little emotionally unstable from it. I feel like I got everything I needed to, but wow it was a heart wrencher! Not to mention I'm just so devastated that the show is all the way over, period, the end. I mean, Walt? He was like my second dad. Junior? My brother. Skyler? Well, maybe not my mom, but a close, close friend. How do you guys feel about it?

Wren and I ended up staying awake until 1:00 am because after the show was over we wanted to watch Talking Bad to see if Bryan Cranston (my new favorite actor, sorry Denzel) was going to make a guest appearance (never did, boo). When we finally were able to pull our pathetic selves away from the TV and I was just getting ready to curl up in bed (I literally get chills it makes me so happy!) Radcliff started crying. So up I went to nurse him back to sleep. As I laid there and rocked him, I was so overcome with emotion over how much I love my boy. I don't know if my emotions were still running wild from the finale (kind of embarrassing to even write), or if it's the PMS I'm so annoyingly experiencing right now, or if it was just the simple act of sitting there in the quiet dark room rocking my sweet guy... But wow, there is nothing like having a baby. It's almost painful how much I love him. Every inch of everything he does. Some things I always want to remember about him right now:

-Saying "Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!", with that perfect smile stretched from ear to ear, to every single person we pass anywhere. 
-The way he looks at me out of the bottom of his eyes with his head tilted back, doing the craziest smile, holding his arms out like a zombie, as he walks by me because he is so pleased he's walking as I'm watching, and then runs to the next room because he's too excited to handle it and then falls and fake cries. 
-The way he gives me loves and kisses, and says, "Hi Mama!" 
-His repeating of almost everything we say... That little raspy voice is too much for my heart to handle. Cooookie (cookie), toootle (turtle), cheeeeesth (cheese), and pick-a-boo (peek-a-boo) are my favorites right now.
-The way he loves to learn. He's so concentrated and can read books with me for hours without getting sick of it. 
-He's still the biggest mama's boy ever. I love it. But when dad's home, he's still the biggest Daddy's boy ever (more so than Mama!). We have always been his favorites and he loves expressing this by crying when someone else tries to take him.

Seriously? Just everything about him, he's too much and it just hurts how much he means to me! That's all. I mean... look at him up there!

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