Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Radcliff's Big Boy Room + Link Up!

You may have seen Radcliff's first nursery in this post... If you did, then you know we switched it to the bigger room next to it a couple months ago. I wanted him to have more room to play and it just made more sense for this room to be his room (or him's room as we call it). 
Boy was it bad when we first moved in. Can I get an amen!? Wow, we have come a long way since April 20th of last year. That was a dark, dark, day. If you think this room was bad, and are just following along now, check out the whole house here. I can't believe all of the painting, refinishing, ripping out, cleaning, hanging, sewing, you name it, that we've done. It's been so exhausting but is finally paying off! 
But back to Radcliff's room. I know I've said it once and I'll say it a million times over, I love combining new modern pieces with older vintage ones. I think it brings character to any space and especially ties everything into our charming, little old house. Let's be honest, chalkboard walls are all up in everyone's grill right now, but I really wanted a black wall with this Dr. Seuss quote written on it (how cute is that quote?) and a chalkboard wall seemed like the best option for that. Plus when Rad starts drawing, we can move the crib to the other wall and he can go crazy town on it.
Here are the deets (as my dad would say):
+Crib: (see this post, I think my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house, truly)
+Crib Bedding Set: I made (see easy tutorial here)
+Corner Shelf: Antique we refinished 
+Rocking Chair: From my grandma, love that gold suede chair! Love my grandma.
+Drapes: Ross
+Mirror: Ross (You proud Carly?)
+Rug: Home Goods (I highly recommend their rugs, so soft for fat baby knees! They had one in white I wanted so bad, but you know, baby+white=baaaaaaaad news).
+Wicker Side Table: Target (perfect for dark huts and glow sticks, Rad's fave!)
+Rocking Horse: Vintage (Bet you couldn't have guessed that by his luscious locks?)
+Wood Sail Boat: I made courtesy of our front yard tree we chopped down. We are in the process of making a light pendant for his room out of the extra wood as well, tutorial on both coming soon.
+Red Clock: Target
+Picture of mama holding baby: My aunt (member Heidi? Another favorite!)
+Birdy Streamer: World Market (I love that store)
Everything in his room is precious to us because it's his. The fun thing about this room is it's pretty gender neutral so whether we have a girl or a boy next (NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT!), it will work! Just throw in some pink and call it good... :)
Thanks for reading and don't forget to enter the giveaway from yesterday here to win 500 big ones to the store of your choice for some back to school items! Serially (how Wren says,
"Seriously"), don't miss out!
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