Monday, October 21, 2013

Last but Not Least...

So not to beat a dead horse***, but Luczak Photography just emailed me this one last picture today from our photo shoot earlier this month (see all pictures and info in post here), and it is hands down my favorite picture of the bunch. How adorable is Radcliff in it? Thanks for all the sweet comments on that post as well. You guys are the best!

Well this last Saturday this wise old woman turned 28. For some reason 28 just seems so much older than 27. No? I feel like 27 can still be classified as being in my mid-twenties, where 28 is considered late-twenties. Whoa, late-twenties... It seriously just seems like I was in high school, and I definitely feel the exact same age as I did back then. Minus the immaturity but add in the hipness ;)

But back to ma birfday. It was the perfect day! We woke up and headed to breakfast at The Blue Lemon. Scrumptious. And then headed over to the Alpine Outlets for a little retail therapy. Shopping with Wren is the best because him and Radcliff just roam the stores and halls and I can spend as much time as I want at each rack without Radcliff climbing underneath everything and darting off to push people's carts... After, we picked up a caramel apple to go because ironically cakes and cupcakes all have gluten in them ;) Is it too much to ask for a cake for your birthday!? But the apple hit the spot. We topped it off with a big family nap and then headed out for a delcious dinner at my new favroite restuarnt Cafe Bella Rue in Soda Row at Daybreak (simply amazing if you eat gluten-free!) They have these awesome couches centered around a fireplace so it is perfect if you have a baby. He just strolled around the middle coffee table the whole time saying hello to everyone. Thanks for dinner parents! And if that wasn't a fun enough day, we ended with a bang eating yet another dinner, a good old hearty Fall-ish one, catching up with long-time high school friends. 

Now back to the kitchen... Wren has the wall completely town out. The framing to the new wall built and him and my Dad worked on the new electric crap for ten hours straight yesterday (THANK YOU DAD!). Just a couple more hours to go today and that should be done. Hopefully we will get the insulation, sheet-rock, and paint done mid-week, and then floor laid by the end of the week. One week at a time, one week at a time. And while Wren is busy slaving away in Hell's Kitchen, Radcliff and I have been staying with Wren's parents. They were out of town this last week, so we stayed in their master sweet, and let me tell you... We felt like kings and queens! Their bathtub and bathroom is a dream! Radcliff and I sort of lived in their bathtub (I cleaned it really good Hollie!), and he had a blast roaming their large corridors all weekend. He has also been busy worrying about the "horrr" (stuffed animal horse) in Hoo Hoo's playroom. He keeps pacing back and forth, back and forth next to the playroom trying to find the location in which we hid the dang horse. Poor guy... I miss the days where he didn't remember past on minute. He was a lot easier to pull one over on! I think that little horse will be the death of us all. Hilarious the things kids decide to be afraid of...

I hope Monday treats you well today! 

***Funny side-note, Wren literally doesn't know any old expressions like the one above. Whereas I'm all about them. So every time I say one (which is a lot because I've been around the block a time or two), he's like, "To beat what with a what!? Sav. No. You just made that up." Poor guy.