Thursday, November 7, 2013

What We're Loving for Our Kitchen!

Our kitchen is so close to being done I can just smell the cooking that's going to go down soon. As stressful as it's been trying to live in a place that doesn't have a kitchen, it's been the funnest thing picking everything out. With unlimited choices for each thing we have chosen (this is good and bad), we have researched and researched to find quality items for good prices. Here are some things that we've purchased so far. I hope this list might help you if you are looking to remodel or update your kitchen!

So this cast iron kitchen sink is a splurge for us, but we figure that what we've saved on kitchen cabinets we can afford in a sink. It is a Kohler Indio sink. I love that it's just one big basin. Wren and I never leave dishes in the sink (it's my pet peeve to a fault!) so a double sink is kind of useless for us. I love the modern square look of this and it comes with a basin rack and cutting board that both sit inside the sink. I also really love that the faucet sits on the right-hand side. I think it's unique and fun and says I'm here to party baby.

We are still debating on a faucet because there are so many fun ones out there. But we are thinking we'll go with this one... 
Or this one...
Your thoughts? What's your favorite faucet right now?

Let's just say this Tom Dixon knock off light had me at first sight. As an avid gold and shine lover, I knew I had to get three of these pendants to hang over our table. Done, done, and done. Cha-ching!

My dad's friend hooked us up with a carrara marble slab for our counter-tops and back-splash. Excited to get it installed and have a counter top again. Our ironing board just isn't cutting it anymore :)

We ordered our cabinets from Ikea and are in the process of building them right now. It's actually been something really fun to do with Wren at nights after the man child goes to bed. We are combining white and a grayish-brown wood color (really similar to the scheme below) for a really fun mid-century feel. I can't wait to have the bad boys built already. Get working honey, they ain't building themselves! Come to think of it, our backslash will look real similar to the one below as well. Two birds with one stone, what do ya know?...

We went with a 12x14 inch honed tile for the floor and baseboard that I think will be my favorite part of the kitchen. It has very subtle gold and gray veins through it that give it the perfect amount of "wow". We debated whether Wren was going to do it, or if we should hire it out. We hired it out, and let me tell you what... Well worth the money spent. The guy did it perfectly and I pretty much sit on it all day long, and next to my little heater of course! The image below is the closest I could find to what ours looks like. 

We scoured the internet for hours looking for a counter depth french door fridge and finally found this LG one below at RC Willey clearance center. It was already reduced, but after throwing out my mad bartering skills that I'm so famous for, I got them down a whopping $1,600 off the retail price because of a couple small dings. Wren and I stare at that sexy little fridge all day long. The things we get off on. Weird.

We also painted one of the walls in our kitchen black and I think I'm kind of loving it. I will take some pictures of the actual kitchen next week!

Happy Friday! TGIF already!