Monday, December 30, 2013

Lock'n Long Hair Extensions!

So this is Katie ^, and she has always wanted long hair but her hair just won't grow passed a certain point. So while she was in town this week, we tried out the latest and greatest hair extensions that Lock'n Long Hair Extensions had just sent to me.
Lock'n Long uses a loop and pull system that is so insanely easy, it will only take you fifteen minutes to put in! It's nice because you can leave them in for weeks at a time, or take them in and out as you please. See installation video here for all the details. 
Don't they look amazing? They blend perfectly with her own hair and add so much length!
Here's a little video with her talking about her newfound hair! :)
If any of you are looking for a high quality, affordable, quick, and secure hair extension, Lock'n Long Hair Extensions is your answer! And the best part of all? Lock'n Long is giving my readers 40% off any of their hair extensions right now using code 40RUP! Awesome? Yes. So go pick which ones work for you right here, and order right now! Thanks Lock'n Long and thanks Katie for being such a great model!

Also, the winner of the Chicken Scratch'd giveaway was selected by using the website, Random Number Generator...
It selected the number three who just so happens to be Holly Knudson, so go pick which two items you would like from her shop and let me know! Thanks for giving away some of your darling items Valerie!