Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Kitchen, It's DONE!

Well we've got ourselves a kitchen people. And boy does it feel good to have it back! Wren worked so terribly hard on it. (see this post for the gory details, and this post for the before photos!) We went through lots of back and forth in deciding all of the details, and pretty much made ourselves nervous wrecks praying we'd like everything together. That's the hard part I swear... You can like this or that, but next to each other? Maybe not so much. Surprisingly, there's nothing we wished we would have done differently, except maybe protecting the hardwood floors that Wren just barely refinished? Duh, we're dumb. That's another story though. The things you do when your life is in mayhem, just barely surviving I tell you! ;) 

We really wanted our kitchen to have a mid-century modern feel while still keeping it warm. We decided to add gold tones throughout the kitchen to achieve this, as well as sanding our dining room table (thanks Dad!) to restore it back to its natural color. Wren's parents gave us that table when we got married. It was their first dining room table, so it means so much to us to have it and I love it more and more everyday. I think of all of the birthday parties they had, sitting around it, and all of the ones that we'll have sitting around it. (thanks you guys!) They don't make furniture like they used to, that's for sure! 

After much debate, we decided on Carrara marble for the counter-tops and back-splash, and I don't think I could be happier. Every time I walk into my kitchen and see them, they make me smile. We debated on doing a plain white quartz but are so happy we didn't. I love the lines and dimension that the Carrara has and the gray hues contrast well with the hints of gold. 

I had scoured the internet for hours to find the perfect pendant lights to go over our table (I honestly never thought I'd find them), but when I found these Tom Dixon knock off lights on Ebay, it was love at first sight. They add the pizzazz that we were looking for! And the light that they give off is warm and dare I say... romantic!? Lol. 

Having the wall knocked down is just icing on the cake. I can't tell you how amazing it is to be able to see Radcliff play during the day, or watch Wren read Rad books on the couch in the evening, as I cook. It makes it one big happy space, whereas before it was just a dark kitchen and I was always dying to get done and get out. 

We really debated whether or not to put a big island where the dining room table is and kind of just eliminate a dining room altogether, But let me tell you what, I am SO glad we didn't do that. I have never enjoyed sitting at a bar! Wren and I had conversations when I was pregnant about how we always wanted to make sitting around the table at dinner time, a priority. I think it's so important! Since having this new layout, we have sat around the table almost every single night for a home cooked meal and it really has made such a difference in our lives! I know that sounds weird, but not only is dinner ready when Wren gets home, but the three of us get to sit down together (one of us in his high chair), and make eye contact and talk about our day. Then we clean up and feel so good after. Not only from eating a healthy home cooked meal, but from connecting with each other. Our evening have gone so much more smoothly. If you aren't cooking dinner and sitting around your table as a family every night, I would highly recommend it! Oh, and being able to actually sit around the table? Amazing. Before it was pushed up against the right wall because our dining room was so little and for some reason staring at the wall while I ate was not working. This layout feels so much better to us!

We purchased our kitchen cabinets from Ikea, and are so happy with how they turned out! Were we happy with them when Wren unloaded and loaded 157 boxes into our carport? Hell no. Were we happy when we had to put together 157 boxes worth of stuff? HELL NO. Were we happy with the price that we got them for? HELL YES! :) I also love how the built in microwave turned out, over there by the fridge, even if I'm scared to use it (mom, you ruin everything! ;)) But, for the record? Even after all the work? Ikea cabinets rock. I love the feel and look of them and am so happy I went with my gut and got the flat panel style. We used a combination of Ikea's Sofielund Walnut Effect Light Gray cabinet, and their Applad White cabinet.

I knew I wanted a high gloss, lighter colored, subway tile, and after going to one too many tile stores with a toddler (shoot me NOW!), I finally came across the perfect one. After bartering them down in price, and even getting them to install it for a killer deal, we love how it turned out it goes great with the Sofielund cabinet.

Sooo... long story short, GO WREN! You rock my world in so many ways, and this has just been right up there at the top! I really can't begin to explain to you how hard he worked. He got it done basically all by himself, from start to finish, in a little less than a month. He's crazy! 
If any of you have any questions on anything, please email me! Thanks for reading and for all of the excitement on our kitchen! It got me through some dank times... :)