Monday, December 16, 2013

Zoo Lights and Kitchen Stuff!

We went to Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo this weekend with some good friends. It was frigid, but the lights were beautiful! It's funny because the last time I took Radcliff to the zoo, he sat all prim and proper (okay, maybe not) in his stroller the the entire time. This time? Oh heavens no, he had the time of his life sprinting (hands flailing through the air and all) through the zoo. I had visions of him doing a full back flip as he slipped on the ice. I love the zest this baby has for life. He's bound to have a fun one!

I've had lots of requests to post pictures of our kitchen, and I'm editing them as I type (why am I always multi-tasking?!) Anyway, they'll be posted this week, I promise, so stay tuned! Wren worked his freaking butt off, so we're pretty proud of it :)

Happy Monday!