Friday, January 10, 2014

A Braggy Post About Our 18-Month Old

We are falling more and more in love with Radcliff everyday. I have always loved babies, so before I had him, I never really imagined what my kids would be like passed one years old. I just don't think I ever really looked that forward to it because I assumed they would be so busy! He is busy, but a good busy. He is the best listener and usually always obeys. He knows the right and wrong things to do and feels really bad when he doesn't obey. He has even said, "Sorry", a couple times. If that doesn't break your heart!? He plays so good at home. He'll get in these zones where he'll drive his truck over furniture forever, look at his books, or just wander the house. He really doesn't have much of that crazy boy to him. We have never really worried about him wandering the house by himself, especially now. He was just born with this crazy amount of common sense. He perfected going down the stairs backwards just a couple weeks after he crawled and we have never had to put a gate on the stairs to the basement, and he has not fallen down them once. Talk about dream guy. He's also like insanely smart. He knows a lot of his ABC's and counting to ten. He loves shapes and knows most of the basic shapes, his favorite being a rectangle! He says it all the time. He loves to get cuddly-cozy in mommy's bed and watch his learning shows while I get ready. He is too cute watching them! He loves me to read his books to him and knows what's on the next page in every book before we even turn it. He remembers phrases like no one's business. He'll run at me really fast, say, "I'm gonna getchya!" and run off the other direction wanting me to chase him because that's what I say. Last night he woke up in the middle of the night so I brought him in to nurse, and when he was finished Wren reached over and picked him up to take him back to his pad and Rad whispered, "I gotchya." Because that's what Wren says to him when he picks him up. He says, "What's that???" to nearly everything, he just wants to learn, learn, learn and he remembers what everything is. Or my favorite is him saying, "I love you", and giving me a hug and big wet kiss on the mouth. We nearly die at everything he says, it's just so cute! And names!? He remembers everyone's names! My friends think it's hilarious because they'll walk in and he'll say their name. He's crazy cute right now. But back to what I was saying at the beginning, we could never ever have guessed in five million years how much we would enjoy him right now. I wish he could stay this age forever (minus the crazy escapes in public, but that's for a different post!) We love you Rad!